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Algoaritmia - Memorie dal sottosocial, n. 0

20 pagine cucite a mano, edizione limitata di 20 copie.

Realizzato con amore per Hackmeeting 0x14

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[Italiano sotto]

My Wastebook Friends takes inspiration from the experience of the loss of our “authentic” selves in the daily minutiae and exposures of social network sites.

We chase the vision of a promised land where our longing for love and happiness will be fulfilled. In fact, the scattered images of our body parts are nothing but quantifiable bits whose circulation feeds the growth of algorithmic capital. Our faces are googled, our skins are indexed, our desires are constantly put to work, yet we cannot opt out of our drives.

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with Pascale Barret, Julien Deswaef, Heidrun Primas, Ushi Reiter, Agnese Trocchi, IOhannes m zmölnig

Where internet companies don’t want to burn their fingers on the suggestive, the inefficient, the absurd and mythical, The Techno Oracle TTO opens up the spectrum of search query technology to the realm of uncertainty, intuition and even magic.

The Techno Oracle (TTO) finally acknowledges the metaphysical depths of our worshipping of the internet as the solver of all our lives’ problems.

The exhibition space of esc medienlabor is transformed into an accessible installation, in which visitors enter as beta-testers of the system, and they might leave with a day planner for a "perfect" life.

TTO is developed in the frame of Iterations, a joint project of media organisations esc in Graz and Constant in Brussels. Iterations is a series of exhibitions that aim to gain visibility for collective digital artistic practices.

Here you can find images of the preparations and installation:

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....dalle porte dell'universo
un telefono suona ogni sera

Avana 20 anni

Sono 20 anni di telematica sovversiva, di condivisione delle conoscenze e degli strumenti, di apprendimento orizzontale e di ricerca, di complotti (e) sotterranei.

Sono anche 20 anni di corsi e seminari, workshop ed incontri, tra paranoia, autismo e comunicazione.

Sono 20 anni di proposte per un approccio consapevole alla tecnologia e alla rete.

In occasione della Festa del Solstizio d'Inverno del 21 dicembre 2014 e dei 20 anni di Av.A.Na abbiamo raccolto le telefonate di chi ha navigato su quel vascello.

Potete ascoltare le telefonate  tutte di seguito qui. Oppure scegliere la vostra chiamata...

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Il sole è sempre quello

"The sun is always the same": installation for the collective exhibition in Rome "Once there was a Future" (March 2010) curated by  Opera Rebis

Download the catalog here (a limited edition of boîte magazine)

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Blood Network (for Mpartnwe), 2005, dur 20'
The video is housed in a tin drum, designed for the circulation of oil, a vessel of capital. Our dreams rise from the earth, filling the blood network made of our bodies. The viewer has to look deep down, to connect with our dreaming blood network of; miniature monsters, dancing witches, children pointing out to sea, carried on the drifting sounds of Roman musician Daniele Salvati. We offer glimpses of dreams which belong to everyone.

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