Identity_Runners, 1999-2004 PDF Print E-mail

We gather our texts, images, code, and cover them with our laughter and our bodies. From material junctions of code, technology and the body, we build counter hallucinations -- Ephemera, Discordia, Liquid Nation -- to the mass, consensual hallucination of command and control that we call society. (The project is a collaboration with Francesca Da Rimini and Diane Ludin)

The web platform and videos have been shown in several galleries from 2000 to now (Germany, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Great Britain, Spain)

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Drinking Sky PDF Print E-mail

Web Diary with Dollyoko in the Triple Alice laboratory. 2001
The laboratory brought to the realization of the performance
Dictionary of Atmospheres, by De Quincey Co.

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Warriors of Perception PDF Print E-mail

A brave Warrior of Perception, Variante, had been riding from flesh to simulation and back. She is now hiding deep inside the Freenet system to protect herself from copyright laws. In the Freenet she is re-materialized, stored as data in a certain number of HardDrives (HD) all around the net. Variante will recombine herself in a file on your HD only if you find the right key to call her. She will give you the right tracks to find the lost secret treasures of Freedom. You may find a network of accomplices, you will need them because this will be a long quest? But if you are a pure and brave heart you may help her and gain your freedom.
The project is part of the online show:
Kingdom of Piracy

Visit the website PDF Print E-mail is realized for Rogelio Lopez Cuenca and Fondazione Baruchello, and developed by the partecipants to the Fourth Workshop of Research organized by Fondazione Baruchello in Rome.

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Ordanomade 1997- 2000 PDF Print E-mail

First website of the italian ravers community.

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