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We gather our texts, images, code, and cover them with our laughter and our bodies. From material junctions of code, technology and the body, we build counter hallucinations -- Ephemera, Discordia, Liquid Nation -- to the mass, consensual hallucination of command and control that we call society. (The project is a collaboration with Francesca Da Rimini and Diane Ludin)

The web platform and videos have been shown in several galleries from 2000 to now (Germany, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Great Britain, Spain)

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ID_Runners // Re_Fleshing the Body

We gather our texts, our images, our code, and cover them with

our laughter and bodies. The mass, consensual hallucination that

we call society must be navigated. The labor of woman as the

infrastructure of the networks becomes Manifest. We re_flesh the

networks with our useless condition. We build counter hallucina-

tions through the help of three Operational Somatic Systems:

Ephemera, Discordia, Liquid Nation and Metrophage.  Their flesh

streams the net via broadcast media and webpages. Part of their

unfolding drama belongs to connections drawn together between

each other to illustrate a bloated, informatic world drowning in

electricity and telecommunication technologies.

These low-fi avatars will create a world which straddles "the real"

(historic-documentary) and "the artificial" (fictional-poetic-

metaphorical) through text, audio, video and imagery and focus

on the ways in which various media/informatic/industrial realms

are dominantly female. They reassemble/re_semble themselves

"flesh" with sound, voice, visuals, skin and stories, dreams, scenes

- rendering alternatives to the ÔrealitiesÕ we are barraged with by

large industries of advertising and entertainment complexes.  Id-

runners become material junctions of code, technology, and the

body. Each one becomes a total_segment of a flesh circuit with

the Other Runners. Each one becomes a micro_narrative of

woman, as a singularity of skin, as digital phantasms shifting the

fetish spaces of virtual capital towards a world that makes all

Worlds possible.