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Mute 2 #13, 09.2009

How would women of the '60s react if they had a chance to see through the thick curtains of the future? ‘Curiosity, you are a woman', declares the first sequence of Vogliamo Anche Le Rose, or We Want Roses Too, a documentary by Alina Marazzi portraying the profound changes brought about by the sexual revolution and the feminist movement in Italy during the '60s and '70s. Add a comment

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This paper started as an e-mail dialogue between Reni Hofmueller and me. She invited me to take part in the third edition of [Prologue] at ESC (Graz) in October 2007. She suggested that I skould speak about the difficulties of writing history. She said:“What I mean is precisely this repeating of a situation when it happens to be where a certain topic is developed. First I am in a very energetic and empowering situation, but then there is no way to know where this happens and how, and there is nearly no language for telling these stories, or there is not enough time taken for that, or – as I know it – there are simply no resources to that as well, so in a way…we disappear again.” Add a comment

Shivers of sharing PDF Print E-mail
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Published in: A Handbook for Coding Cultures, Sydney, 2007

I’m sitting in my living room by the seaside, it’s a winter evening and I’m trying to explain to my boyfriend what I have been doing in the past ten years. He is a ballet master and he considers me a digitalvideo artist. Yet I’m not sure what I am, even if I have written pages and pages of papers to describe, in progress, the artistic-activist
projects that I have been developing collectively in a decade of life in Rome, from the nineties to the first years of the new millenium, from the analogic to the digital age.

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Published in Media Mutandis: a NODE.London Reader,  March 2006

CandidaTV is a crew of socially engaged and demented videomakers. At the core of their vision there is the “Make your own TV” motto.

CandidaTV was born in 1999 with a weekly one-hour show on a local TV channel in Rome, Italy. As Paper Tiger TV did in the ‘ set a monitor. About 15 persons were involved in producing the programme. There were actors, camerawomen, editors, directors, writers, speakers and anchormen. Over the years we have been able to understand what could satisfy better the attitudes and desires of everyone, and we specialized our work. But to start we just shared everything and exchanged responsibilities and jobs as a “creative commons”. Add a comment

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Mute Magazine, 24.07. 2004

Autonomous peer-to-peer video distribution systems

The ‘objective conditions’ for online film distribution may not yet be right, but video makers, programmers, techies and activists are busy making sure they soon will be. Agnese Trocchi reports on a handful of initiatives building and refining file-sharing systems for the distribution and pooling of digital video Add a comment

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