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Agnese Trocchi (Rome 10.29.1971) achieved a degree in Literature in 1997  with the maximum of the vote from the University of Rome “La Sapienza with an ipertextual essay "Feminine and science fiction: writing patterns: This work is an experimental work. It is about the existence and the features of cyborgs. It is about the patterns of simulation and the semantic feedback that they produce. Patterns of simulation are seen trough the eyes of female Science Fiction's writers who experiment on new layers to interpret reality. This work is a cyborg attempt to build up a possible pattern. An hyper_textual research assembled to explode on the net, to be manipulated, to destroy its boundaries and to experiment a new kind of research, rhizomatic and horizontal.”. In the University of Rome, in 1996 this kind of research an practise was pretty sperimental because none before attemped in building a thesis using the HTML language with the aim of being on the net.

In the same months Agnese started to work with a subversive telematic collective in a Squatted Social Center in Rome, Forte Prenestino. The Subversive Telematic Collective was running the firts roman Boulletin Board System AvANaBBS which conducted issues in debat with the city council of Rome related to rights of privacy, self –managed model of development and digital citizenship as a real possibility for direct democracy. AvANaBBS was a node of the European Counter Network (ECN) and the Cybernet Boulletin Board Systems Italian network.

During the same years Agnese has been working  with the City Council of Rome and the Cultural association Matrix. She did a cicle of lessons in a Library on the topic /The Digital Spaces of the MOO/, using digital-video installation.

In 1997 she builded, with Costanza della Cananea,Valerio Bindi and Valentina Fenu, the "Foro Romano Digitale" a web site commissioned by the City Council of Rome. The web site was intended to be a database of brainworkers in search of income and projects in search of developers.
The web site and the whole Roman Civic Network were shut down by the City Council itself, for an Inquisition of a priest about a page that was supposed to be "satanic". The "indicted" page was a contribute to the degree works of Agnese, it is was also a text published ina nation-wide distributed magazine Torazine, the indicted text is actualy mentioned “in "The Enciclopedy of religions in Italy" by Massimo Introvigne, Pierluigi Zoccatelli, Nelly Ippolito Macrina, Veronica Roldan, Elledici, as the first document of a Satanist Cult in Rome. Agnese loves to play with detournment and cultural terrorism and in fact she is involved in the editorial project, post-zine_magazine, called: "Torazine polychromatic capsule of pop_counter_culture" whose aim is to detour symbols playing with the necrotic tissue of occidental imaginary.

Always in the late 90’ Agnese with AvANaBBS driven by the desire to explore new aestethic forms had been starting to imagine exactly what more we wanted to achieve from the new born movement of the Illegal Rave Parties, We needed a new form of communication that could integrate with music, that could use our everyday language: words and vision:  We groove up in the Society of Simulation with a television stuffed in our mouth, we were feeded for years of controlled fluxes of consciusness. It is impossible for us to leave the body which haunts our flesh out of the rave that rewrites  the codes.

This is the starting point for a deep immersion into the detournment and the meaning of visual communication through the more intrusive media that actually haunts us all, television. Agnese with her crew started to create an aesthetic tool that is the video_live_set _consolle to rebuild uncontrolled visual flux of consciusness. Togheter with perforfomances artists, video crew and torazine she organized in Forte Prenestino three years of OFF: Overdose Fiction Festival It was a great bet, the aim was to bring the language of video-fiction in lands where videos were used, but accepted only in their documentaristic function, while a reflection on the forms of communication brought the core group of O.F.F. to the choise of raids on fiction.

We left behind us the idea that was possible to represent a documentation of reality and we unleashed our immagination in the creation of other possible counter_allucination in the realm of mass_consensual_realities

The festival was created for all the subjects that were working on this direction and collecting all the experieces of this kind in Italy.

The results was a three years festival with plenty of short and long fiction, experiment on net- realities, installations for electric bodies and creation of an household video_mix_suite that was active in each festival for all the trhee days of the event.

This experience leaded Agnese to the creation of CandidaTV, the project of an indipendent and communitary TV channel.

Agnese is actually producing  audiovisuals, fiction, reportages, and video_live_sets with Candida

Candida is her project od life_wage too, she  is trying to create our own indipendent enterpise to save ourself from working outside.

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