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The Rave Of Simulation

We groove up in the Society of Simulation with a television stuffed in our mouth, we were fed for years of controlled fluxes of consciusness. Now it’s impossible for us to leave the body which haunts our flesh out of the rave that rewrites  the codes

The subject of the following experiences is a video crew that works into illegal rave parties in Rome, Italy, from 1996 and calls itself NTSC (Confederate Subversive Techno Nucleos). People and situations melt all togheter in a form of recombinant attitude into the rave of Simulation, around the Video_consolle in the Parties.
At the starting point we had to learn how to districate ourselveves in this labyrinth of savage cables.
We used the process of been overlaying levels and creating a chaotic device which allowed the happening of little unexpected epiphany , stupefying explosion of sense. We were able to catch a viral order in the syntax of chaos

. The Rave of Simulation

(NTSC walks on stage, the space is a ghostly and empty ex-slaughter house, the time is somewhere between dawn and dusk, the weather is cold and NTSC is made of female flesh):
NTSC:”The Rave consume itself in the act and it is immediate, so the liveset is the form of expression that fit more in it. The perception of the video consolle is the extension of our own organic body, a techno organic performance connected with the emotion of everyone that puts his dirty hands on it, it disclosed visions and hidden connection, inexplicables or illegible otherways:
NTSC:Report#1 Rave at Fintech december 997:
esthatic contemplation of a space that includes us all. The doors were open and  they were completely  perceived in the cathodic tube of  the belly .
The system reach the point in which its armony gets complex and swallows as oil, it creates perceptible awareness behaving as a virus. In that point there is a petit mort…
The Day After my menstrual stream arrives

A romantic vision of the cyborg. After four years of really close experiences in every kind of rave parties this cyborg observes the video-consolle no more as an obedient extension of the organic body, but instead as the conductor, the medium for an other body, a body without organs. Not a copy, neither a methaphor for the flesh body, but something completely different that has got no model to stick to. It is autonomous and alive, it controls the flesh body as a code.
The images doesn’t include its referent, video is not mimetic, it doesnt’ reproduce the so_called reality, not  as a documentary, neither as fiction.

(NTSC is connecting cables)
NTSC: “We grow up feeded by the Society of Simulation and our desire is to put our hands on the interpretative matrix and build waterfalls of possible meaning, recombining and assembling shattered cultural reflections so that meanings can shift and wander trough the grids of our culture. This electric body should be released from the identitary boundaries, we want to see its mutation in a transient space from dusk to dawn, that is the moment in which it can meet the dismembered and dispossessed flesh_body to reflect each other irriduciblities and abandon themselves to confusion, an aestethic of confusion, where none should be passive anymore.
The video console, we have outlined and sent feeds for, is an interpretative matrix.  We smear our dirty hands over it.  We change the shape and configuration of bodies streaming through it.  We observe and attend each mutation as an epiphany of blood and slime.  The shapes, the lines of light melt together, the shift is an optical flux running through the cables from the sources to the video console. They crawl across the skin of the fingers that are tweaking the machine, nervous vibrations on magnetic supports, reflection gazes fixed in desert spaces.  The interpretative matrix as a streaming database giving the observer the power to generate inferences and interferences into the residual screened reality we are fed daily. A bitter circuit in the lines of power.”

The ultimate theories in the fields of media_critics and methaphysics of electronic Presence analyses the incarnation of postmodernism in the pop-culture: the growing intrusion of television and new Technologies into our everyday life of utents or spectator bring to a process of exorcization of the human subject.
Where once there was a stabil human consciusness now there are only the ghosts of out_of_center Fragmented and schizoprenic subjectivities, where once there were  “meaning and history”, now there is an haunted landscape of vacant and shifting signifiers.
The disruption of this realm of history make us happy dancing on the ruins of human subjectivity while our sight focuses on gorgeous espanding architectures that reminds of  disembodied liberations and emancipated trascendences. Within this concept of Simulation we loose the metaphore of the map that recovers the territory 1:1. There is no more a real and its representation, there is no references for the image and the sign stand for itself, but what remain is the will of the simulator of nowadays to make al the realms fit in the map they are creating for their business and for our
dispossation. The Lords Of gLobalization possess the ghost of simulation that hauntend our flesh body, a network of submission builded to let the capital be more and more fast and the body reduct to a subroutine of organs each one with his specific production features.
We want to infect the simulacra with our flesh
We have been walking on the razor edges of schizophreny following the cannibal impulse of the flesh_body which devours its own brain whith chemical. The aim is to resemble the electric ghost. At the same time we bring the electronic ghost with us to the party and we tickle it with the interpretative matrix to release it from the grid of electronic controls

(NTSC walks under the screenal lights)
NTSC:”We have been plaing with our baby electric bodies, we still play with our possessed cavernous bodies. We have been playing with swarm of electricity, this are not our bodies until they are possesed by o body without organs which we do not recognize, they are dismembered flesh. We have been playing our game with our electric body to give them freedom, we have been playing in toxic puond and electric lakes, we create mutation shapes with our will, visual is one of our language, it is one of the occult language of our electric bodies, the electric body is trapped in the everyday information fluxesof unconsciusness in this world of simulation, this world of simulation that want to see everything and one to see it before…”

In the rave party the EB through the disruption of codes and boundaries (illegal squatting, assumption of psicoactive substances) is no more entrapped in the grids of the Society of Control, the action is primarily symbolic: we are crossing the semantic field and we are out of the tracks, out of the map. In this realm, the EB that normally defines our identities and haunts us, cannot control us anymore because we are out from its doom, it now becames a free and fluid electric body.
Emotions and instict leaded us and we have been carrying the EB into the rave to see it in collision with the flesh body and to see this collision giving birth to the monster. We are dispossessed of the self in the moment of the violent collision, the moment of the dance, we float fast on broken sound vibrations, simulation is reality, a suicide beat in the Society of Simulation where the flesh body struggle to became its electronic ghost in a never ending languishing methamorphosis and it is possessed by an abyssal void made of statics.
The possessed body is half mutate and mutilate, it acts automatically, this automatism can change only if we became aware of our EB and then manipulate the monster for our own pleasure. The unaware possessed body eat itself  to disappear and resemble as much as possible to its electric void; across this process the possessed body may became aware of itself. The assumption of psycoactive substances on one side is disruption of codes as the illegalò squatting, on the other side is cannibalism of the self. The flesh body wants to became its electric mirage, to be indefatigable as its electric mirage, to perceive everything as its esthatic mirage, to move disembodied in extratemporal spaces, to live death experiences: hot line with Jesus.

Should be clear and evident that the self-cannibalism of the body do not come from, neither exaust itself into, the rave party, but in the rave party an activity that is common to all the citizen of the Society of Simulation finds its most radical, desperate and sincere expression, the beat is to reach the awareness of the shared process.

(NTSC gulps down a coloured pieces of bark (?)and crawls toward you)
NTSC:”On the razor edges we can see 360 degree; years after years we have been dancing the ether bodies togheter with our bodily sweat: real splatter of guts blood, vomit, diharrea, menstrual flux, dust, ink toner in the pneumas, black gas on the skin, terminate o sovraexcited nervousus connection, dribble, dilatated eyes, secretion of substances from the brain, inhibited and stimulated cerebral mucosae, proteins, bodily fat, glutammato, neuroreceptors: cannibals of the skull we are not scared of what we are discovering, today we can see the flesh possessed body finally dispossessed, erotic, rewritable: its double, multiple co-relational shape is made of lost or circulating data. This shape made of data is swallowing the new body as a soft intelligence that doesn’t know it is ghost.
*we are dog in love with our rainbow vomit
We have been playing of Electric Bodies in the corrosive swarm of electric factories, facing horrorifing golem and uncotrolled waves of sense. The waves of sense was returning to us from the experiences in the streets as creations of connections, interception of visual_vision where you are the connector with this EB. The mother snake is invited to the happy banquet of Simulation to eat her own tail: let her eat her body, in its unrolling we see the folds of space.

Across the long transition from dawn towards a new day and during the modification of the scene, some of us took cameras in their hands, release them from the video-consolle and started to float in the ghostly morning light of the industrial slaughter houses. This is a perfect brand new day to infect institutional television broadcast. We edit short videos and we recreate our crew from Techno Confederate Subersive Nucleos to Candida the household TV.

The overcoming of ideological structures cannot take place trough the construction of new electronic monument. We need an imaginative intervention and a critical reflection happenings in an open and indefinite electronic moment.
The opposition to the dominant cultural algoryms should be a matter of deep intensities, and subversives zones. Not only autonomous but mutants, Not only zones but outlaws viruses.

(NTSC is still in the ex-slaughter house, outside is sunny between dusk and dawn)
NTSC:”I spent my sunday rubing myself on the concrete of an old ex-slaughter house in the perifery of Rome, it was beautiful, I was streching in the sun, great pleasure with broken glasses and thorn-bushes. During the long night an huge monster with an huge hand harmed my flesh, it took with it a little pieces of my skin. It was so big that it pushes people using only a finger, it was driven by someone and i was harmed by it because I tried to touch it…  The city was contained in a box and I was open as a cow in the butcher house…

(NTSC never leaves the space…)

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.From the slide projector to the video_consolle
At the end of 1996 in Rome, Italy the group called AvANaBBS (Warnings to Sailors BBS)  first roman telematic node, open and self-managed, and the group of people involved in the organization of the illegal-rave parties, gather togheter. AvANaBBS driven by the desire to explore new aestethic forms and to broing into the party its experience of simulation and the other driven by the research of new inputs in  the creation of the rave event.
We needed a new form of communication that could integrate with music, that could use our everyday language: words and vision.
We felt the city haunted by this unknow mutant organism, imperceptible, visible only by the ones that like us were experiencing it from  party to party. We wanted to reveal this subversion process through the use of new elements into the party: words, images and visuals as fragments of the empathy :
We builded a clear  speech  that could be shared in the immersive happening of the experience. We gave to everyone recombinant words and images
The 21 december 1996, the winter solstice, we gave birth to the fusion of the war-machine: a techno simulation for warriors-dancers
The firsts RetinAcustic experiences happen in a simple way, we use a slide projector, in  the days before the party we prepare slides with exhortative and descriptive texts, the purpose is to create a situation of awareness and community .between all the partecipants of the party. We record sound tracks using texts togheter with the djs

Report  21.12.996 – Industrial Area Fiano Romano-
This is an immediate response,
after the passage of the wave, this response wasn’ t cecked by mutual confrontation, this response has been done in a decompression chamber.
The Story of the 21 has been really Astral
Illegal Direct Action
We work togheter on this topic, we share a sense, even if it is made of merely suggestions. This allows the flow of an unutterable power, a power that is determined by a sequence of shortcircuits.
Practice, action, struggle, creation of sense and sharing.
It aids the fusion of a War Machine
A War Machine
Fear circuits can be disactivated
Be ready to enter in resonance
Nothing is casual
An army of lover is invincible
Identification of strategical target
strategical TARGET number 1
Abolition of work
Nothing is real
Strategical TARGET number 2
Everything is possible
Strategic TARGET number 3
All power to immagination
Defuse fear circuits
Gratis life
To conquer happiness
Here and now
From today this mission is possible
The experience is exciting for everyone. The next months to improve the happening two of us developed a software called ShootConcept. This software allows the immediate projection of texts stored as music instruments: the effect is a collective flux of consciousness. We add a videoplayer, a videomixer, a camera; the machine becames more complex a we build the video-consolle.


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